Spring persistence : a running start by Paul Tepper Fisher; Solomon Duskis PDF


By Paul Tepper Fisher; Solomon Duskis

ISBN-10: 1430218770

ISBN-13: 9781430218777

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ISBN-13: 9781430218784

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In the case of Spring JDBC, the template pattern is used to execute the constant, boilerplate steps that are needed for any JDBC operation, such as opening a connection, catching any exceptions (and translating them to Spring’s generic exception hierarchy), and ensuring the database connection gets closed. During this sequential process, the template will delegate to your code for the important parts, for instance, the querying for a particular row in the Person table that has an ID of 3521. This strategy is used across all of Spring’s persistence framework integration points.

SetImageData(imageData); return artEntity; } } With our RowMapper defined, we can now use it within any of the query methods descriped previously. Notice that we utilized our defaultLobHandler to help extract binary data from the ResultSet. getId()}); } The preceding method will extract the fields from the Person reference and use this data to construct an insert statement. This all seems quite simple, but keep in mind that Spring is taking care of a lot of details under the hood. If you attempted to perform these same SQL operations in plain JDBC, you would have to write at least ten times the code.

Let’s walk through the domain model, DAO, and service layers, step by step. Although controllers are a common layering pattern for user interaction, we won’t really cover controllers in this book; after all, they’re 22 Spring Persistence — A Running Start a fairly hefty subject on their own and they are two steps removed from the persistence layer, which is the subject of this book. The Domain Model Layer The first level in the hierarchy is the domain model. The domain model defines the structure of your information.

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