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Mentu turned to Nu with eyes glittering with tears. “We can attract people to rebuild Waset. We can feed our people, and we can feed the god. ” Nu argued, “We have kept Ipet-Iset pure. We never missed even a single day of the service of the god. ” Mentu smiled wanly. ” Psamtik said nothing. He watched them and waited. Nu turned to Krity. The eyes of the priestess burned with the light of the god. ” she demanded. “Girl who would be my daughter. Do you come to rule? ” Krity considered her answer carefully.

This body gave the ba of Osiris a place to return. Isis Great of Magic fanned her wings and brought the breath of life back to his lungs. Then Isis lay with her husband for one final night, a triumph of love, a triumph of magic, a triumph of life over death. Beyond that one night he could not stay in the green land of day. Osiris went to the Duat, the desert land of the dead, to rule the red land of night as he had ruled on earth when he lived. Meanwhile Isis realized she had conceived. Knowing that an heir would threaten Set’s right to hold the throne, she hid in the rushes beside the Nile until she gave birth.

On the Greek island of Kos people came to a temple of the god Asklepios to dream and be healed. One of the healers there, an “asclepiad,” was Hippocrates. ” That part gets left out today, but physicians still take the Hippocratic oath to heal to the best of their ability. Hippocrates learned from Egyptian medical texts. He may have travelled to Kemet himself, to the medical temple of Imhotep at Memphis to study at the temple library. He certainly knew that Asklepios was the Greek form of Imhotep.

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