Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche's Song of Karmapa : The Aspiration of the Mahamudra of True PDF


By Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche

ISBN-10: 9627341142

ISBN-13: 9789627341147

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With the light that comes from meditation we can illuminate the natural state as it is. May the light of this threefold knowledge increase, at first through understanding what we do not know, and later through expanding that understanding into deeper realization. Again in reference to scriptures, oral instructions, and reasoning: Scriptures refer to that which the Buddha and great masters have said; oral instructions refer . to the very short, concise and direct teachings which point out the nature of mind,· such as the instructions of Mahamudra.

The supreme action is training in maintaining the view undistractedly. The Mahamudra system uses the SiX Doctrines of N aropa as an enhancement practice. Other enhancement practices are development and completion stages, but the ultimate enhancement practice is to maintain the view undistractedly. Have the aspiration to possess the confidence of the perfect view, the perfect meditation, and the perfect action. This view, shared by Mahamudra, Madhyamika and Dzogc~en, is transcendent knowledge beyond words, 57 Song of Karmapa thoughts and description.

We also need endeavor. This does not mean that once in a while we exert ourselves, trying to do something intensely. Correct endeavor is like the steady flow of a river or like a taut bowstring, neither too tight nor too loose. We need continual diligence, day by day. month by month, year by year. This does not occur suddenly. For countless aeons we have been bound by disturbing emotions and ignorance. As a result we have become accustomed to attachment, anger and stupidity, and this wrong habit prevents us from immediately clearing away these three poisons.

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