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By Georg Lomer

Strengthen your soul and spirit with Seven airtight Letters. a religious process directions for the better improvement of the spirit and the mysterious powers of the soul. easy initial routines for controling one's self are supplied in an easy solution to make sure figuring out and private progress and growth with no the necessity of a instructor. an exceptional precursor to the Franz Bardon books on Hermetics.

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It will become inferior if you execute it badly. Direct your will towards taking care of everything in the best way possible. Be completely attentive; be deeply engrossed in what you are doing at the moment. If you write a letter, if you wash your hands, if you are reading a book, if you play with a child or a dog, if you eat dinner or knot your tie - in everything you do, pay attention only to what you are doing. Your thoughts will always try to drift, especially in the beginning. Call them back to the point where they left off with 52 firm perseverance.

5. Avoid any unnecessary expenditure of energy; maintain your composure under all circumstances. 6. Practice daily the accumulation exercise wherein you practice the denial of wishes. 7. Continue to practice the daily self-criticism every evening and the making of plans for the following day. Explanations (l)The consumption of meat is not desirable for various reasons. It is purchased through the death of a feeling and innocent being, which physically is comparatively closely related to you. Even if you assume that the actual slaughtering of such an animal is quick and therefore almost painless, it is nevertheless true that the entire preparation, the transport, the stay at the slaughterhouse, the blood-curdling surroundings and so on, have an effect upon the animal.

The difference lies merely within your state of consciousness. In your daytime thinking you are externally distracted through the senses (compared to the leaes( on a tree), whereas your night-time experiences are inwardly concentrated (compared to the circulation of the sap in the branch of a tree). While in this state your "I" is transferred to another sphere of experience, into another medium, and mostly into the inner fluid body. You see what you perceive there, so to speak, through another lens.

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