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Occult Paranormal

By Abraham Abulafia

ISBN-10: 1897352050

ISBN-13: 9781897352052

This can be one of many infrequent autobiographic books in Kabbalah. Abulafia relates his studies and visions, a few of that are fairly scary. such a lot impressive are his encounters with angels.

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I knelt, bowed, and fell on my face before him. He placed his two hands on me and stood me up beforehim. 38 SeferHa-Ot-The Book of the Sign He said to me: "Come in peace,son; peace,peace unto you and all of your loved ones, for you were saved from the war and have won all wars". Now I can tell you the meaningof the war you saw. The three waniors who chasireach other are three kings who will rise up in three comers of the world. They hold three opposingviews. They will wage wars against each other, and they are setting up their hoops towards the battle.

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