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By Ben Hellwarth

ISBN-10: 0743247450

ISBN-13: 9780743247450

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ISBN: 0743247450
EAN: 9780743247450
ASIN: 0743247450
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 2012-01-10
Number of Pages: 400
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Sealab is the underwater Right Stuff: the compelling tale of ways a US military software sought to strengthen the marine similar of the gap station-and without end replaced man's dating to the sea.

While NASA was once attempting to placed a guy at the moon, the united states army introduced a sequence of bold experiments to turn out that divers may perhaps stay and paintings from a sea-floor base. whilst the 1st underwater "habitat" referred to as Sealab was once demonstrated within the early Sixties, traditional dives had strict intensity limits and lasted for under mins, now not the hours or even days that the visionaries in the back of Sealab desired to achieve-for reasons of exploration, clinical learn, and to get better submarines and airplane that had sunk alongside the continental shelf. The not likely father of Sealab, George Bond, was once a colourful former state health professional who joined the army later in lifestyles and have become captivated with those unanswered questions: How lengthy can a diver remain underwater? How deep can a diver go?

Sealab by no means acquired the eye it deserved, but this system encouraged explorers like Jacques Cousteau, broke age-old intensity obstacles, and revolutionized deep-sea diving by way of demonstrating that dwelling at the seabed used to be now not technology fiction. at the present time divers on advertisement oil rigs and army divers engaged in categorized missions depend on equipment pioneered in the course of Sealab.

Sealab is a real tale of heroism and discovery: males unafraid to check the bounds of actual patience to beat a adversarial undersea frontier. it's also a narrative of frustration and a central authority unwilling to take an identical hazards underwater that it did in space.

Ben Hellwarth, a veteran journalist, interviewed many surviving contributors from the 3 Sealab experiments and carried out large documentary study to jot down the 1st complete account of 1 of crucial and least recognized experiments in US history.

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