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By Chris Carter

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Exploring the scandalous background of parapsychology and mentioning a long time of analysis, Chris Carter exhibits that, opposite to mainstream trust, replicable proof of psi phenomena exists. the debate over parapsychology maintains no longer simply because ESP and different skills can't be demonstrated yet simply because their life demanding situations deeply held worldviews extra strongly rooted in spiritual and philosophical ideals than in difficult technology. Carter finds how the doctrine of materialism--in which not anything concerns yet matter--has turn into an infallible article of religion for lots of scientists and philosophers, very similar to the convictions of non secular fundamentalists. for this reason, the potential of psychic skills can't be tolerated simply because their lifestyles may refute materialism and contradict a deeply ingrained ideology. by way of outlining the starting place of this passionate debate, Carter calls on all open-minded members to ignore the church of skepticism and succeed in their very own conclusions by means of taking a look at the immense physique of facts.

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EDITOR OF JOURNAL OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY AND COAUTHOR OF FOUNDATIONS OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY “I highly recommend this book to anyone who is truly open-minded about whether or not psychic abilities exist. Chris Carter takes the reader on an insightful journey that weaves together history, scientific data, modern physics, psychology, and philosophy of science. , PROFESSOR OF STATISTICS, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVIS, AND AUTHOR OF AN ASSESSMENT OF THE EVIDENCE FOR PSYCHIC FUNCTIONING “Chris Carter has put together quite a treatise.

Recently Henry Stapp of the University of California has given strong arguments for it being necessary to take mind into account in physics, which opens up a whole field of possibilities; ironically, he also gives strong arguments against Deutsch’s many-worlds philosophy, which has no experimental support whatever. My speculations in the brochure are by no means incompatible with current science. My contacts at Royal Mail do not consider they made an error in allowing the statement to stand. Brian Josephson Department of Physics University of Cambridge8 In the same issue Phillip Parker of the Royal Mail defended the Post Office’s decision.

The most common tactic of committed skeptics is to try to prevent the evidence from being discussed in public at all. For example, in September 2006, I presented a paper on telephone telepathy at the Annual Festival of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. Our controlled experiment had shown that people could, before answering the phone, correctly identify who was calling (from a choice of four people) over 40 percent of the time, when a success rate of 25 percent would be expected by chance alone.

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