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Occult Paranormal

By Jim Keith

ISBN-10: 193188224X

ISBN-13: 9781931882248

Groundbreaking study for the reality at the back of tales of alien invasion, mystery underground bases, and mystery plans for the hot global Order. Conspiracy specialist Keith’s ultimate e-book on UFOs exposes the key, sinister cabal that manufactures UFOs and makes use of them for his or her personal reasons: the keep an eye on and manipulation of the inhabitants of Earth. Chapters hide brain keep an eye on, saucer abductions, the MJ-12 files, livestock mutilations, executive anti-gravity trying out, the Sirius Connection, and comprise

*The technique of interpreting òThe Human issue


*A Symbolic Odyssey

*Increase of answer

*Philip okay. Dick and the Illuminati

*The Sirius Connection

*Demons and Adepts

*Occult Espionage

*The 12 months of sunshine òJ im Keith’s recognized lecture on UFOs and the sting of truth

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The obvious connection here is the significance of Sirius, although the Ordo Templi Orientis lodge, Crowley, and Lam also have their own special relevance. Evaluating this mish-mash of occultism, who would imagine that the telepathic transmissions from Sirius might have something to do with military intelligence? Occult investigator James Shelby Downard, in his wonderful "Sorcery, Sex, Assassination, and the Science of Symbolism" (published in my Secret and Suppressed anthology) researches the existence of a Sirius-worship cult that he believes exists at the highest levels of the CIA!

Sergeant Richard Doty, one of Moore's contacts who was involved in the Bennewitz matter, was a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During the course of his employment with AFOSI he invited Linda Moulton Howe--a well-known investigator of cattle mutilations who oddly never seems to bring up the government connection--to visit him at Kirtland. Once Howe had arrived at the Air Force base, Doty showed her alleged secret documents that seemed to reveal information on crashed alien vehicles and their occupants.

Further investigation of government manipulation of UFO researchers must include a mention of William Moore, the co-author of The Philadelphia Experiment and The Roswell Incident, as well as editor, until recently, of Far Out magazine, published by Larry Flynt of Hustler fame. S. military, reporting on at least one UFO group and involved individuals in exchange for "leaked," allegedly secret government documents about UFOs. To me this is astounding. The only reason I can imagine that Moore might betray his own activities in this way is that he feared that someone else was going to "out" him as working with the government, and he was attempting damage control by his "voluntary" admission.

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