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By Jose Annunziato

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Sams train your self JavaServer Pages in 24 Hours promises to educate 24 one-hour classes on JSP and its ties to different J2EE techologies, together with Servlets and JDBC. also, this e-book covers the great improvement of JSPs utilizing instruments equivalent to BEA's WebLogic Server and Apache Tomcat. each one lesson builds at the prior one, permitting the reader to appreciate the topic of JSPs from the ground-up.

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ASPs and JSPs are very similar in their mission—to create dynamic content for Web clients. ASPs use VBScript, and JSPs use Java embedded in the HTML documents. They are server-side programs, which means that they have access to all server-side resources, such as databases. Even their syntax for embedding their respective languages is similar. 3 is an example of a JSP that embeds the current date and time. 2, you can see that the tags <%= and %> are used to embed the VBScript function ‘Now’. Date()’.

The application server can handle larger programs than the Web server can. ” section. The last layer in this structure is the data level. The data level can be made up of one or more databases, and it can also include legacy systems, such as mainframes. Why are there so many pieces? Well, the philosophy is that if you concentrate on one thing, you should do it well, and that is the philosophy being employed here. If a Web server concentrates on serving Web pages, it should be able to optimize that process and serve them efficiently.

3 The HTML document with two forms. 3 Translating a Simple JSP into a Servlet Since the underlying implementation of a JSP is a Servlet, let’s take a look at a JSP and then look at the equivalent Servlet code. The equivalent Servlet code does the same output as the JSP, but you will see there is much more work to do. Throughout the book when you are shown new JSP tags, the equivalent Servlet code will also be shown to deepen your understanding of the inner workings of the JSP. 2 is a JSP that creates a table of the powers of 2.

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