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Sams train your self JavaServer Pages in 21 Days bargains a confirmed instructional structure to educate JSP in 21 example-driven classes. This booklet is for internet publishing execs migrating to JavaServer Pages for its skill to create dynamic, interactive sites and separate presentation from Java code operating behind the curtain. The e-book begins by way of explaining the connection among JSP and Java Servlets and the fundamentals of JSP services and contours. you will then find out how JSP handles information, interacts with Java elements, tracks clients, and extra. Later chapters speak about debugging, operating with databases, XSLT and XML, utilizing the Struts framework from Apache, dealing with binary facts like pics, and deploying JSP purposes. every one subject is illustrated with many operating examples that the reader can comprehend and positioned to paintings instantly. in the course of the publication the writer presents tips that could upcoming advancements in JSP 2, to make sure that you're ready for adjustments within the re-creation.

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Actions Actions let you perform some operation, such as including other pages in the current page, or including Java applets, or working with JavaBean components (which you'll see in Day 6). Unlike directives, actions are re-evaluated each time the page is accessed. Let's take a look at these various types of JSP elements, starting with scripting elements. Scripting Elements There are three types of scripting elements in JSP: • Scriptlets Scriptlets can contain Java code. This is the most general of all the scripting elements.

Double-precision variables can hold values with greater precision than simple float variables, so if you try to assign the value in double1 to float1, Java realizes there might be a loss in precision, and will cause an error. println("float1 = " + float1); %> In cases like this, you need to convert between data types. There are two ways you can do that using automatic type conversion, or doing the type conversion yourself. Automatic Conversions When you're assigning one type of data to a variable of another type, Java will convert the data to the new variable type automatically.

Team LiB ] [ Team LiB ] Strings Are Objects Strings aren't exactly like the other kinds of variables we've been seeing, because they're really objects of the String class, not simple variables of types like int or double. As mentioned in Day 1, an object can have built-in methods such as the println method we've seen in the out object, as well as data members you use to store data in the object. 3. You can think of Java classes, like the String class, as a sort of template or cookie cutter. You use that cookie cutter to create objects.

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