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By Ivan Morgillo

ISBN-10: 1784399108

ISBN-13: 9781784399108

Approximately This Book

Create interactive Android apps with Java Reactive Extensions
research Reactive Programming via real-life examples that you should use on your Android app
Beat Android concurrency and threading concerns to take your apps to a brand new level

Who This booklet Is For

If you're an skilled Java developer, reactive programming provides you with a brand new approach to procedure scalability and concurrency on your backend platforms, with no forcing you to change programming languages.
What you are going to Learn

grasp the Observer development and create Observable items and sequences
Convert lists of items to Observable sequences
swap present how you can reactive asynchronous functions
filter out Observable sequences to make sure that merely the worth you will want will succeed in your functions
rework and control Observable sequences into new sequences
mix, merge, and concatenate Observable sequences to create new sequences
circulate clear of the Android major thread and AsyncTask to benefit multithreading and concurrency the simple manner with Schedulers
speak with a distant leisure API utilizing Retrofit Observable responses
Create your first RxJava-powered Android app

In Detail

RxJava―Reactive Extensions for the JVM―is a library for composing asynchronous and event-based courses utilizing Observable sequences for the Java VM, as a way to assist you beat Android platform barriers to create striking Android apps.

Starting with a few fast history details at the Rx .NET library, this publication speedy strikes directly to your first instance. you'll comprehend Observables and discover ways to filter out, rework, or merge them intimately. subsequent, you are going to the best way to cast off Threads, AsyncTasks, and Handlers with Schedulers to create a gentle consumer event. advance a simple, ready-to-go method of leisure API communications and increase your abilities by way of operating with new not easy examples.

By the tip of the publication, you've got explored the reactive programming global and may have created your first Android app with no need to contemplate threading, networking, concurrency, and assortment administration.

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It lets the compiler tell you when things are out of whack. And it gives you a way of building units of meaning that can be shared, extended, and explained. It could be better, but as it is, it’s pretty good. A Real Problem | 21 CHAPTER 3 Exceptions Few features of the Java language are as generally reviled and misunderstood as Java exceptions. Exceptions have to be declared as part of the signature of a method, and if an exception is declared as being thrown by a method, any code calling that method either needs to throw that same exception or needs to occur within a try block, and the calling method must include code that will catch the exception and deal with it.

The Java exception design is the way it is in part to make it easier to deal with these problems. But it is also the way it is in part to ensure that if a programmer ignores these problems, he does so consciously. If you want to ignore exceptions, you have to do so explicitly; just hoping that they never happen won’t be accepted by the compiler. Long experience shows that in a crunch, the only way to make a programmer do the right thing is to not generate code if he does the wrong thing. How It Works To see how this really works, let’s revisit our baseball statistics package that we started in Chapter 2.

The construction of a Throwable requires getting a lot of state from the machine, so there is a lot of additional overhead as well. But mostly you shouldn’t do this because it is an abuse of the feature, using it in a way in which it was never intended to be used. Anyone looking at your code will wonder what you are doing, and understanding the code will be that much harder. Since the whole purpose of Java is to aid in writing large-scale systems that can be understood and maintained over time, using a trick like this defeats the purpose of the language.

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