Radiochemistry : Vol. 2, A review of the literature by G W A Newton; G R Gilmore PDF


By G W A Newton; G R Gilmore

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ISBN-13: 9780851862644

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Vasaros, H. J. Machulla, and G. Stocklin, J . Phys.

172, p. 150. 19’ Nuclear Recoil Chemistry in Gases and Liquids 31 theory’ analysis. ^^^ Unfortunately, it was concluded from both approaches that the Estrup-Wolfgang method of data analysis was rather a blunt instrument and that its functions were not particularly sensitive to changes in the underlying parameters or indeed to violations of assumptions inherent in the theory. It is, therefore, rather difficult to know what value to place upon the a, I , and K parameters deduced experimentally using the kinetic The computer simulation approachzos and also an analytical methodis7 were used to investigate what would be the effect upon these parameters if a, the energy-loss parameter, were a function of energy.

Malcolme-Lawes, J . Chem. , 1972, 57, 2476. D. J. Malcolme-Lawes, J . Chem. , 1972, 57, 2481. 28 Radiochemistry observed whilst the latter allows labelled radicals to be detected as bromides. I ~ d i n e ~has ~ also * ' ~been ~ used, but is of limited use because of its low vapour pressure. Iodine chloride has also been tried,' 7 1 but is rather unstable. Problems can sometimes be encountered with bromine too, owing to its 7 3 Oxygen, it has been reactivity with tertiary and secondary C-H sites.

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Radiochemistry : Vol. 2, A review of the literature published between August 1971 and December 1973 by G W A Newton; G R Gilmore

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