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By Maurice Nicoll

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The mental Commentaries at the instructing of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky via Maurice Nicoll are the easiest, such a lot extensive and simplest to appreciate books as regards to Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's teachings. everybody drawn to Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's teachings should still learn all 5 volumes. despite what non secular course an individual is on, the mental commentaries could be a large support simply because they element on a day by day foundation the hindrances the fake character creates and the way to overcome and take away these hindrances. only a few books have ever been written that pass into nice aspect exposing the methods the imaginary I makes use of to avoid humans from succeeding of their religious pursuits. The mental commentaries just do that. The mental Commentaries is the vintage paintings at the basic principles of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, expounded by means of one in every of their most advantageous scholars. The Commentaries, serious about the speedy approaches of employing definite ideas in lifestyle, have turn out to be identified and enjoyed via complete generations of individuals drawn to the continuing evolution of mental transformation. one of many major British psychologists of his time, Maurice Nicoll was once a pupil of Jung, Gurdjieff, and Ouspensky. on the latter's request, he committed the final 20 years of his existence to passing at the principles he had got from his lecturers. This devotion culminated within the 5 volumes of the mental Commentaries at the educating of Gurdjieff & Ouspensky. The ISBN's are: quantity One 978-0-9829651-5-3. quantity 978-0-9829651-6-0. quantity 3 978-0-9829651-7-7. quantity 4 978-0-9829651-8-4. quantity 5 978-0-9829651-9-1.

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6: 2-4, 1746 Gen. 6:13-22, 1746 Gen. 8: 1-5, 1750 Gen. 9:12-17, 1751 story of, 1744-52 FOOD acceptable to higher beings, 1176 and development, 1006 attitude of "if only" as negative, 821 COMMENTARY ON THE FOOD OF IMPRESSIONS, 652-58 essence and personality need different, 1613-14 impressions as, 51, 1176-77 of impressions, 1418 THE FOOD OF IMPRESSIONS, 1149-52 THE MIDDLE LABORATORY, 1582-84 three distinct foods, 1175-76 transformation of, 50-51, 431-32, 1582-84; of ordinary, 1404-5; or digestion of, 1178, 1176 FOOD OCTAVE and air, 193 and digestion, 189 and enneagram, 428-29 and hydrogens, 188-92, 429 and negative emotions, 192, 1489 and negativity, 190-91 and transformation of hydrogens, 192-93, 188-89, 429 ascending, 188-89 begins with passive do, 768, 1615 place of shock in, 193-94 FOOLISHNESS and natural man (I Cor.

See also BODY, BODIES OF MAN and immortality, 226, 230-33 diagrams of, 227-28 Gurdjieff's teaching, 225-31 higher controls lower, 227-28 in different teaching, 227 in the Gospels, 225-26 parallels in other teachings, 227 possession of, 227 THE FOUR BODIES OF MAN, 218-35 FOURTH DIMENSION and time-body, 952 consciousness in, 951 life in, 951 of time and recurrence, 418 THE RELATION OF MEMORY TO THE FOURTH DIMENSION, 950-53 FOURTH WAY. See also WAY, WAYS affects every side of being, 233-34 and faith, 234 and knowledge, 235, 1246; about life, 617-18 54 FOURTH WAY (continued) and understanding, 234, 942 balancing three centers, 1030 characteristics of, 140, 143 is way of sly man, 234, 942 living in life, 279 possible in life, 233 starts from good householder, 1719 FREEDOM and attention, 640 and centers, 640 and change of being, 638 and conscience, 639 and doing what one likes, 635, 638 and laws of the Work, 637-38 and level of being, 637 and orders of laws, 637-38 and self-change, 1165 and understanding, 1269 as idea, 1155 COMMENTARY ON INNER FREEDOM, 635-41, 770-72 from a bad mood, 1708 illusion of, 422 through serving the Work, 771 FRICTION and self-justification, 1488 BETWEEN OLD AND NEW IN ONESELF, 1490-92 FUNCTIONS and centers, 1006-7; and development of centers, 1008-9 and metanoia, 1008-9 and personality, 1006-7 FURTHER NOTE ON UNDEVELOPED FUNCTIONS, 1008-10 increasing consciousness of, 1006-7 project functions into others, 1006 WORK ON UNDEVELOPED FUNCTIONS, 1006-7 FUSION and formation of second body, 229-30 in allegory of retort, 229-30 FUTURE in space and time, 754 55 G GENESIS deals with possibilities of man, 403-05, 406-07 GNOSTIC classes of man, 864 writings and schools, 864 GOD and sensual thinking, 1575 "behind real I lies God," 1388 contrasted with my (Luke 12: 16-21), 341 dwells in the high and holy place (Is.

See also NIGHT DREAMS A BRIEF TALK ABOUT DREAMS, 352-57 acting one's dreams, 1099, 1102 and Ray of Creation, 353-54 and imaginary 'I,' 1102 and inner world, 354, 356-57 and real'I,' 1101-02 as fantasies, 1368-69 day, 1369 dream of a man without violence, 1500, 1596 dreaming passively, 1099-1100, 1102 forms of imagination, 1099 from emotional and higher emotional center, 353-55 from instinctive moving center, 352-53 have no second force, 1368-69 language of, 356 story of a clerk who dreamed of becoming a famous singer, 1369-70 study of, discouraged, 352 talking one's dreams, 1099-1100 DRIVER and drunkenness, 466-67 and self-remembering, 925 as awakening mind, 238 30 DRIVER (continued) is fast asleep, 1482 waking, 466-67 DUTY doing our, (Luke 17: 7-10), 670 DYING and awakening, 1160 and rebirth, 1160 awakening and rebirth, 399, 510 gradually, 665 E EARLY early impressions are stronger, 839 NOTE ON THE EFFECT OF EARLY IMPRESSIONS, 839-40 EARTH "as above, so below," 1190 as being, 239 attitude about, 691 conscious circle of humanity, 1188-90 evolution of, 239, 240-41 insignificance of, 691 is under 48 orders of laws, 762-64 MAN'S SITUATION ON THE EARTH, 761-64 place of testing, 1116 problems have no value on higher levels of being, 854 some laws belonging to, 763 THE UNMANIFEST AND THE MANIFEST EARTH, 1188-90 EASTER EASTER MESSAGE, 663-65 comes every day, 664 AN ECCLESIASTES expresses law of the pendulum, 321-22 "to everything there is a season," 321, 807 EDUCATION and negative attitudes, 887-88 first and second, 5 first, development of easiest function or center, 1360 31 EDUCATION (continued) is necessary for this Work, 1381 living and practicing the Work-teaching, 1381-82 requires first education to develop, 1381 second, development of less used functions, 1360 the first, is formation of a rich personality, 1380-81 Work is second, 607, 772-73 THE SECOND EDUCATION, 1380-82 EFFECT cause and, 1484-85 COMMENTARY ON END, CAUSE AND EFFECT, 1679-82 interpenetration of end, cause and, 1680-81 triad of end, cause, and, 1485 world of, 1484 EFFORT, EFFORTS A NOTE ON EFFORT, 971-74 A SHORT COMMENTARY ON THE IMPORTANCE OF INDIVIDUAL WORK-EFFORTS, 342-43 against chief feature, 769 against self-justifying, 143-44 and 'I's, 342-43 and being, 94-96 and energy, 667-68, 671 and entropy, 664, 670, 667-68, 671 and faith, 973 and feeling of 'I,' 1661 and good householder, 92, 1180-81 and increased consciousness, 1406 and internal accounts, 1593 and knowledge, 92-93 and mechanical reactions, 270 and real progress, 242 and second line of work, 973-74 and sly man, 971 and so-called trivial things, 1202 and transforming the day, 768-69 anti-mechanical, 971-73 artificial, 767 based on self-observation, 1200 based on understanding, 767 becoming mechanical, 1445 beyond daily routine, 342 32 EFFORT, EFFORTS (continued) COMMENTARY ON EFFORT, parts I-IV, 91-108 CONCEPTION OF ENTROPY IN SCIENCE, AND CONCEPTION OF EFFORT IN THE WORK, 665-71 conscious, 91-96, 242, 342, 1304-05; and real progress, 242 EFFORTS AGAINST CERTAIN 'I's, 974-77 external considering requires, 270 extra, 769-70, 1406-7 for reward, 1737 formulation of right, 1110-11 FURTHER COMMENTARY ON MAKING WORK-EFFORT, 766-70 FURTHER NOTE ON EFFORT, 1304-7 FURTHER NOTE ON WORK-EFFORT, 1200-1202 imaginary, and failure, 830 in all centers, 972 in nature, 1406 in secret, 1202 in the Work is psychological, 1004-5 intelligent, 766-67, 769-70, 772, 1201 involves sacrifice, 668 mechanical, 91-92, 95, 342, 1304-5; and conscious, 768; different from conscious, 1304-5 necessity of right effort, 971 now, 342 of self-remembering, 1201 on depression, 95 on negative emotions, 94 on talking and other mechanical habits, 95 physical, 768 psychological, 140-44 real, 830-31 right, 638, 767; at wrong time, 807 sly man and right effort, 971, 976 stop disliking, 976 supreme, 769, 973 THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MECHANICAL AND CONSCIOUS EFFORT, 1406-7 to acquire knowledge, 212-13 to feel the Work, 973 to like dislikes, 976 toward transformation of meaning, 469-70 turning life-effort into work-effort, 972-74 willing an, 1407 33 EFFORT, EFFORTS (continued) without acknowledgement, 1593 Work, 699 wrong, 1187 EMOTION, EMOTIONS.

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