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By Roger Riggs

ISBN-10: 0321197984

ISBN-13: 9780321197986

It's a realy solid publication for newbie. i love this booklet.

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A microbrowser augmented with Java application execution capabilities will provide better user interaction and graphics capabilities, support offline use of applications, and make the development of compelling applications generally much easier. org/). 2 Target Devices Potential target devices for the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) include two-way communication devices such as cellular telephones, two-way pagers, and wireless personal organizers. The Connected, Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) can additionally be used to support other kinds of devices such as point-of-sale terminals, barcode scanners, inventory control devices, audio/video equipment, home appliances, and device controllers (for routers, sensors, vending machines, engines, and so forth).

1 class files. 2 class files. 3 class files. 4 class files. A virtual machine conforming to CLDC should be able to read Java class files in any of the formats listed above. However, the virtual machine is allowed to ignore certain class file attributes that the CLDC implementation does not need. 10) Public representation of Java applications and resources A Java application is considered to be "represented publicly" or "distributed publicly" when the system it is stored on is open to the public and the transport layers and protocols it can be accessed with are open standards.

Org). [ Team LiB ] [ Team LiB ] Chapter 3. Goals, Requirements, and Scope The CLDC and MIDP standards intend to bring the benefits of Java technology to resource-constrained wireless devices with limited Internet connectivity. This chapter reviews the goals, requirements, and scope of these standards. 1 High-Level Goals The general goal of the J2ME standardization efforts discussed in this book is to define a highly portable, secure, small-footprint application development environment for resource-constrained, connected devices.

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