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By W. Clay Richardson, Donald Avondolio, Scot Schrager, Mark W. Mitchell, Jeff Scanlon

ISBN-10: 0470126604

ISBN-13: 9780470126608

Operating as a good expert Java developer calls for you to grasp Java APIs, instruments, and strategies to resolve a wide selection of Java difficulties. it's going to arm you with a well-rounded knowing of the pro Java improvement panorama. The professional writer crew starts off via uncovering the delicate Java language gains, the method for constructing suggestions, and steps for exploiting styles. They then give you a suite of real-world examples that might develop into a vital a part of your developer's toolkit. With this method, you are going to achieve the talents to construct complicated strategies by using the extra advanced and nuanced elements of Java JDK 6.

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Also note that extends is used to specify bounds regardless of whether the type parameter is bounded by an interface or a class. Using Generics It is straightforward to create objects of a generic type. Any parameters must match the bounds specified. Although you might expect to create an array of a generic type, this is only possible with the wildcard type parameter. It is also possible to create a method that works on generic types. This section describes these usage scenarios. Class Instances Creating an object of a generic class consists of specifying types for each parameter and supplying any necessary arguments to the constructor.

Boolean isAnnotationPresent(Class annotationType) Returns true if the annotationType is present on the current element, false otherwise. Develop an annotation that might be useful in developing a testing framework. The framework invokes test methods specified in the annotation and expects a Boolean return value from these testing methods. The reflection API is used to both process the annotation and execute the test methods. TYPE}) public @interface TestParameters { String testStage(); String testMethods(); String testOutputType(); // “db” or “file” String testOutput(); // filename or data source/table name } An example application of this annotation is to a class of utility methods for strings.

GetItem(); ^ 1 error This makes sense because the actual type parameter (in this case, String or Object) dictates the type. When you add a String to the objectHolder, it is simply stored as an Object. getItem), you now need an explicit cast to the String type. Because of type erasure, it is possible to assign a generic class reference to a reference of its nongeneric (legacy) version. Therefore, the following code compiles without error: Vector oldVector; Vector intVector; oldVector = intVector; // valid However, though not an error, assigning a reference to a nongeneric class to a reference to a generic class will cause an unchecked compiler warning.

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