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By Andrew Davison

ISBN-10: 1590598172

ISBN-13: 9781590598177

Create unusual lands full of mysterious gadgets (cows frozen in blocks of ice, chirping penguins, golden globes with wavering eyes) and throw away your keyboard and mouse, to move exploring armed purely with a gamepad, energy glove, or simply your naked hands!

Java gaming specialist Andrew Davison will enable you advance and application 3D video games in Java know-how on a computer, with an emphasis at the building of 3D landscapes. It's assumed you've gotten an affordable wisdom of Java—the kind of factor picked up in a primary Java direction at school.

Topics are break up into 3 sections: Java 3D API, non-standard enter units for online game taking part in, and JOGL. Java 3D is a high-level 3D photographs API, and JOGL is a lower-level Java wrapper round the renowned OpenGL photos API.

You'll examine 3 non-standard enter devices: the webcam, the sport pad, and the P5 info glove.

Along the best way, you'll make the most of a number of different games-related libraries including: JInput, JOAL, JMF, and Odejava.

Learn all of the most up-to-date Java SE 6 positive aspects suitable to gaming, including: splash displays, JavaScript scripting in addition to the laptop and approach tray interfaces.

Unique assurance of Java online game improvement utilizing either the Java 3D API and Java for OpenGL, in addition to important adventure from a famous Java gaming guru, offers you a unique virtue after studying this book.

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Deciding How to Start Life3D can progress in three ways: 1. If -edit is supplied on the command line, a configuration screen managed by Life3DConfig is slotted into Life3D’s JFrame. 2. If the Java 3D API is found on the machine, the 3D application is started. 3. If Java 3D isn’t found, Life3D reports the problem and terminates. g. the call to hasJ3D()) will be explained in more detail later in the chapter. The constructor creates a LifeProperties object to act as the interface to the properties file.

Eberly (Morgan Kaufmann, 2000). jME is built on top of LWJGL. net) includes loaders for Quake II MD2 and 3D Studio Max 3DS files. The implementation uses JOGL, and the distribution includes Escape, a Doom-like game. org/) is a retained-mode Java scene graph API above JOGL. Its tool set is aimed at data visualization rather than gaming, and supports CAVEs, domes, and head-mounted displays. S. Air Force Research Lab. GL4Java, an older low-level Java API for OpenGL, was used to build it. com/), a games-oriented library, includes OpenAL audio, sprites, collision detection, input, and rendering support.

Net/). Blow up space gliders. html). This is a distributed simulation of a 24,000 gallon aquarium, rendered to 13 large projection screens and running on 15 networked machines. html is a good source for Java 3D examples and includes a games and demos sections. net/bin/view/Javadesktop/Java3DUsers. org/, can be viewed by technology categories, which include several 3D-related sections. ch/swc1/DemoJ3D/). Many of them are games, including Battleship3D-Net (a networked version of the Battleships game), Billard-3D (pool), Glymp3D (role-playing action), JBomba (based on Bomberman), and TriChess (3D-networked chess).

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