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Lib. vi. cap. 7. Vol. "* However, if Pliny, whose complaisance for the credit of the marvellous in particular was very great, could be doubtful about this matter, we of little faith may be allowed to be more so. Yet Plutarch, in his Treatise on Oracles, has maintained his doctrine by such powerful testimonies, that if any regard is to be paid to iiis veracity, some attention should be given to his opinion. We shall therefore leave the point, where Mr. Addison thought proper to leave a more improbable doctrine,舒in suspense.

To the Stoics, he was indebted for the belief of a particular Providence; but he could not enter into their idea of future rewards and punishments. * Iirom the Stoics, too, he borrowed the doctrine of fortitude; but he rejected the unnatural foundation on which they erected that virtue. He went back to Socrates for principles whereon to rest it. With the Epicureans he does not seem to have had much intercourse, though tKe accommodating philosophy of Aristippus entered frequently into his politics, and sometimes into the general economy of his life.

E were either little acquainted with each other9s works, or that there were some literary jealousies and animosities between them. When Plutarch flourished, there were several contemporary writers of distinguished abilities; Perseus, Lucan, Silius Italicus, Valerius Flaccus, the younger Pliny, Solinus, Martial, Quintilian, and many more. Yet none of those have made the least mention of him. Was this envy, or was it Roman pride? Possibly, they could not bear that a Greek sophist, a native of such a contemptible town as Chaeronea, should enjoy the palm of literary praise in Rome.

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