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Ii. 34. ^ /cat u/xdiv Trara^ai. it * ^ vofjLoOeaia. g. Be Confus. Ling. 161, 182. Sometimes, however, he admits that God sometimes Himself in' icts evil as a punishment, see Wolfson, Philo, i. 282, 382. ^ 8id Tov irpoiTOv jSaatAeo)?. * TO prfTOV. ' TO irpos Bidvoiav. " ^ dp,a rfj yevcarei. *" Tj be identified ' 8uva/i€ts. These powers are not to with the two chief powers or attributes of God, ixevacoT-qpla, rj Be

Heb. " * ol iT)fl€p€Vl at. " Udaxa.. " ^ ^ XeipOTOvrjOevTcuv. " 6 acoTTjp Kal iXevdepoTTOios. * ' 18 — avTovpyovai. ^ evae^eiav. Aucher " vereor " a puzzling rendering. ^ And also that the nation might be an archetypal example to the temple- wardens and priests and those who exercise the high-priesthood "• in carrying out the sacred rites. In the fifth place, because He wished every household and similarly (every) head of a household " to act worthily and not to incur any profanation, (being) like a priest who is purified of all sins in whatever he says or does or thinks.

Ai ^ e/oij/Liias ^ avraaLai : * oLKovalajv rpoiruiv Tov Oeov x^-pires kol Bojpcai. Koi xqpeias. " Aucher " mores involunvel sim. " ' rpoTTOV Tiva. * ' 34 TOVS XoyLOfiovs. avyxo)pr}ais vel sim. " BOOK II « *1. (Ex. XX. 25b) What is the meaning of the words, " If thou strike thy hand-tool against it, then it is defiled " ^ ? '' *2. (Ex. xxii. 21)* Why does (Scripture) in admonishing, shalt not oppress a sojourner," add, " For ye were sojourners in the land of the Egyptians " ^ ? " Thou " Book II of the Quaestiones in Exodmn, which is about three times as long as Book I, probably contains most, if not all, of what were, in the original Greek, Books III-V.

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