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It is important to emphasize that meditation is not some kind of endurance test. In the East, where people have sat crosslegged all their lives, this position is natural and comfortable - that is why it is recommended. 46 6. POSTURE The three qualities are expressed symbolically in the posture we adopt for meditation. When you sit cross-legged with your eyes open and arms'out, there is nothing ill front of you, so there is no protection. This expresses openness. There is a sense of being united with the environment and space - the opposite of closing off.

32 3. INITIAL EXPERIENCES OF THENATURE OF MIND that we had never noticed before. However, that also may be very subtly conceptual. Eventually we realize the relative coarseness even of that. We go through a series of levels in this way and eventually our intuition, or whatever you want to call it, becomes sufficiently sharp for the experience of those three qualities to arise as they actually are in themselves - in all their vastness and splendour. When we begin to connect to experiences that are approaching an actual or direct realization of those qualities, strangely, those experiences seem to approach us from outside ourselves, as if they were something that was happening to us, rather than being our very nature.

The uprightness of the posture expresses still alertness - the quality of being ready for anything, though not in the sense of feeling nervous. Imagine you were alone in a room and you heard a sudden slight movement that you were not sure about. You are not sufficiently bothered to get up and do anything about it, but, you are curious. You are curious to know what it was. Think about what you would be 'doing with your body. You would find that your body would automatically straighten. If you really wanted to know what that sound was, but you were not nervous, you would not look around the room in a slumped position, you would automatically sit up, awake - with sharp faculties.

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