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Dzogchen is the apotheosis of Tibetan Buddhism and Longchenpa is the pre-eminent grasp of Dzogchen and one in all Tibet's maximum mystical poets. The verses of his Treasury of ordinary Perfection (Gnas lugs mdzod) written within the fourteenth century surround and epitomize the unconventional precepts of Dzogchen whereas his auto-commentary elaborates their which means via a concise prose paraphrase and with illustrative quotations from the gathering of Tantras of the Ancients (Rnying ma rgyud 'bum). Transcending the Tibetan context, Longchenpa promises a handbook of knowledge for each person continuously and indicates why the western global has became to Tibet for its mystical idea over the last part century. This transmission of undying knowledge of the Ancients of Tibet may still take its position among the world's non secular classics. during the principle 'nonaction' - that's savoured like 'an previous guy basking within the sunlight' - Dzogchen teaches the typical perfection of all our event, and all our lives, simply because it is, with out desire of any alteration. This self-discipline presents the major not just to our internal enlightenment yet to the future health and survival of our planet.

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The 'cauldron' or 'crucible' of the here-and-now is both the vast expanse and a point-instant of that gnostic vision which we have called the 'matrix'. Its unstructured nature that is pure mind is boundless extension; a total perspective knowing no center or circumference, without spatial or temporal distinction, with no limitation, fragmentation or partiality, without gaps, lacunae, fissures or interruptions. It never materializes or crystalizes as xxxiv TRANSLATOR'S INTRODUCfiON anything at all, but remains an unimpeded natural flow of light.

For the person in whom the flow of good and bad ceases there is no duality of union with and separation from reality, and that hyper-yogin, certain in the great mystery, effortlessly reaches the natural state of original perfection and abides forever in the royal citadel of pure being. In the very moment, therefore, of an event occurring, whoever recognizes the language of biased projection and morally discriminating goal-directed endeavor as unreal, like the nonactive sky, he catches all experience in the snare of absence.

Gnosis, the universal source, is luminous spontaneity, and unmodified by the five senses, by projection or concentration, the empty gnosis of pure being is spontaneously perfect contemplation. With incisive recognition, just leave things alone in simplicity! 18 THE TREASURY OF NATURAL PERFECTION In the fertile unconfined super-matrix of intrinsic gnosis, whatever appears in the field of mind through sensory perception, as a crucial locus of seamless sameness, is assimilated to spontaneity's natural concentrated absorption.

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