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By Armen M. Gulian, Gely F. Zharkov

ISBN-10: 0306460750

ISBN-13: 9780306460753

This ebook introduces the most innovations of nonequilibrium phenomena in superconductors. The authors disguise either experimentally well-understood themes and difficulties which physicists might problem extra in view of present theoretical knowing. a few of these issues comprise thermoelectric phenomena, impression of laser radiation in addition to fluctuations in superconductors.

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3. BCS–GOR'KOV THEORY 25 [One should bear in mind that since the case of is being considered here, The rules to bypass the poles in Eq. , Ref. 5. 129) may be used. Self-consistency Equation Substituting Eq. 129), one arrives (with self-consistency equation at the Integration in Eq. 133) over the angles and energy leads to divergence of the integral at large energies. Integrating in symmetric limits over one finds where . is some boundary value of From Eq. 134) it follows that which depends on the model’s assumptions.

2 Dynamics of Gapless Superconductors The content of the previous chapter enables us to compare the relatively simple Ginzburg–Landau scheme of description with a much more complex field-theoretical approach. The attractiveness of the GL-type description is even greater for time-dependent problems. We have also seen that the generalization of the GL scheme to include time-dependent fields is not a trivial problem. The simplest case which permits such a generalization is the case of gapless superconductors.

2 and 7, will deal with this problem. REFERENCES 1. H. Kamerlingh-Onnes, Further experiments with liquid helium. G. , VI. On the sudden change in the rate at which the resistance of mercury disappears. Communication from the Physical Laboratory of the University of Leiden, No. 124c, (1911). 2. W. Meissner and R. Ochsenfeld, Ein neuer Effekt bei Einritt der Supraleitfahigkeit, Naturwiss. 21(44), 787–788(1933). 3. F. and H. London, The electromagnetic equations of the superconductor, Proc. Roy. Soc.

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