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The next interesting thing about the ComboBox declaration is its use of a DataTemplate element to format how the dropdown will be displayed. In this case, the dropdown will show two columns instead of one, and each one of the columns is bound to properties of the child Property objects via the Path property of the Binding declaration. What’s nice about using this pattern is that I can make the code for the UI View be more declarative, that is, keep most of it in XAML, and really get a good separation between the View and the Model, while at the same time take advantage of WPF’s binding features to reduce the amount of code that I would have had to write to do this manually.

This is extremely powerful, as it allows me to bind executable code to a Button on a form without having to write any code to wire up the Button. WPF’s Command pattern along with a public Command property on my ViewModel take care of this. 46 Chapter 2: Designing the Layered Architecture An Example In order to understand this a little better, I will show you a part of the SmartCA application. The use case is extremely simple; it is to display a form to the user to show a list of projects, and have the user pick a project, and remember what project was selected.

Views { public interface IView { void Show(); void Close(); } } This interface allows me to open and close the form from my ViewModel. The next thing that the SelectProjectViewModel constructor does is to transform the IList list of projects into a WPF-friendly CollectionView class. This CollectionView is then exposed via the Projects public property. CancelCommandHandler); } The next two lines are interesting not in that they are setting up the two ICommand properties for the two Buttons, but rather that they are using a class called DelegateCommand to represent the ICommand instances.

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NET Domain-Driven Design with C♯ : problem, design, solution by Tim McCarthy

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