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By Chr. Lindtner

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The writer offers with the 13 real works of Nagarjuna. the 1st six are mostly dialectical works equivalent to Mulamadhyamakakarika, Sunyata-saptati, Vigrahavyavartani,Vaidalya-prakarana Vyavaharasiddhi, Yuktisastika by way of the remainder seven that are mainly didactic texts—Catuhstava, Ratnavali, Pratityasamut-padahrdaya-karika, Sutrasamuccaya, Bodhicitta-vivarana, Suhrllekha, and Bodhisambhara(ka).

Christian Lindtner, born June 14, 1949, did his Phd.D. in Buddhist experiences (1982) from collage of Copenhagen, Denmark, Later he taught on the Universities of Lund, Copenhagen, Washington (Seattle) Virginia (Charlottersvile) within the fields of Asian Languages and Literature, Buddhist and non secular experiences, and Indian Philosophy (Sanskrit and Pali)

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97. For information about the Indian and T ibetan translators etc. I must refer to J . N audou, Lei bouddhistes kasmiriens au Mayen Age, Paris 1968, passim. Possibly the Sanskrit text o fC an d rak m i's commentary (C) is still extant, see G. N. Roerich, The Blue Annals, C alcutta 1949, p. 342. ) 98. T he variants arc of some interest for the light they shed on the technique o f translating Sanskrit into Tibetan. As they hardly ever affect the sense, and a separate edition ofC is expected I have only referred to C occasionally.

It which is im agined (parik(p-) docs not exist. iui'd object how can there be im agination (vtkalpa)? igim-ri and the im agination arc bom by conditions (pratyaya•I I(h i « fore (they are] em pty (sünya). By understanding the truth (latina), ignorance (avidya), which ,ii ts«'s from the four perverted views (viparyisa), does not exist. W lu ll this is no more the karma-formations (samskàra) do not arise. I In- remaining [ten members] likewise. ti 5. |

C, s , i v. K 18 Ve kyis : kyi NP 21 Vc yin : min NP 42 17. it Iter-being (parabhàva) or non-being (abhàva)? - C onsequently ownIx ing (svabhàva), other-being (parabhàva) and non-being (abhàva) In sult from) perverted views (mparyàsa). 18. Opponent: I f things (bhàva) were empty (sunya) cessation (niro,lka) and origination (utpàda) would not occur. ■I own-being (svabhàvena), how does it cease and how docs it arise? 19. Reply: B eing (bhàva) and non-being (abhàva) are not simul­ taneous (yugapat).

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