Nabokov’s Eros and the Poetics of Desire by M. Couturier PDF


By M. Couturier

ISBN-10: 1137404590

ISBN-13: 9781137404596

ISBN-10: 1349487384

ISBN-13: 9781349487387

Nabokov won overseas status with Lolita, a hugely erotic and morally traumatic novel. via its complete research of the amorous and sexual behaviors of Nabokov's characters this e-book indicates how Eros, either as a clown or a pervert, contributes to the poetic excellence of his novels and money owed for the unfolding of the plots.

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Against Darwin’s advice, he continues to sleep with her, though it evidently gives him little pleasure, until she announces that she is pregnant. He chivalrously proposes to marry her. Darwin is convinced that the girl is “‘inclined to fantasy’” and could be “‘impregnated by a mere handshake’” (104–5), which turns out to be the case, and he urges him to stop seeing her. ’ he thought for the thousandth time. ‘All right, she has those dimples, that pale complexion – that’s not enough. Her eyes are so-so, gypsyesque, and her teeth are uneven.

He indulges a sensual reverie as if to recoup his losses, even imagining himself driving in “a glossy limousine” (82), gambling in casinos and carrying off the girl at the end, the ever-romantic hero. Visiting the Zilanovs in London after a trip to Switzerland, he finds the family grieving the death of Nelly, Sonia’s sister, and that of her husband. During the night, Sonia slips into his room, her sister’s former bedroom, saying she cannot sleep, and Martin eventually tells her to hop onto the bed, against the footboard.

Fyodor muses: “Only now had he entered into the order of feelings he used to promise himself, when formerly he imagined how they would slip together out of a thralldom that had gradually asserted itself in the course of their meetings” (374). They make plans for their future life together, Fyodor discussing the book he is going to write, namely, we presume, the one we have been reading. The novel concludes on a poetic note without a word about their inevitable disappointment when realizing that they cannot get into the apartment.

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