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Alchemists are in general held to be the quirky forefathers of technological know-how, mixing occultism with metaphysical objectives. even supposing many have been clever and well-intentioned thinkers, the oft-cited targets of alchemy paint those antiquated experiments as wizardry, no longer clinical research. no matter if looking to produce a impressive panacea or suffering to transmute lead into gold, the alchemists radical objectives held little relevance to consequent clinical goals. therefore, the temptation is to view the transition from alchemy to trendy technological know-how as person who discarded brilliant principles approximately philosophers stones and magic potions in trade for modest but regular effects. it's been much less famous, in spite of the fact that, that the start of atomic technological know-how truly coincided with an efflorescence of occultism and esoteric faith that connected deep importance to questions about the character of topic and effort. Mark Morrisson demanding situations the common dismissal of alchemy as a mostly insignificant historic footnote to technology by means of prying into the revival of alchemy and its impression at the rising subatomic sciences of the past due nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.Morrisson demonstrates its extraordinary impression at the rising subatomic sciences of the overdue nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. particularly, Morrisson examines the resurfacing of occult circles in this period of time and the way their curiosity in alchemical tropes had a considerable and traceable effect upon the technological know-how of the day. sleek Alchemy chronicles a number of encounters among occult conceptions of alchemy and the recent technological know-how, describing how educational chemists, encouraged via the alchemy revival, tried to transmute the weather; to make gold. reading scientists courses, correspondence, talks, and laboratory notebooks in addition to the writings of occultists, alchemical tomes, and science-fiction tales, he argues that in the delivery of recent nuclear physics, the trajectories of technological know-how and occultism---so usually thought of antithetical---briefly merged.

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Indeed it may have been used thousands of years ago in greater degree than seems possible to-day’’ (236). Though pitchblende had not been found in Egypt, he argues that it is more than probable that radium exists in Egypt. That country has perhaps the greatest masses of granite to be found in the world; and pitchblende is found as a vein in granite rocks. . it is possible that here and there amongst these vast granite quarries may have been found not merely veins but masses or pockets of pitchblende.

But the order fragmented during infighting in the early twentieth century—and splinter groups and imitators followed. One notorious Golden Dawn member, whom we will encounter in chapter 1, was 20 modern alchemy Aleister Crowley (1875–1947). , in 1909. He also went on in 1912 to create the British branch of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO)—an order founded by the German journalist, occultist, ex-opera singer, and political radical Theodor Reuss (1855–1923) and the wealthy Austrian paper chemist and industrialist Carl Kellner (1850–1905) to espouse occult teachings and the practice of sexual magic.

A common explanation for the occult revival of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries is that it was a reaction against an increasingly rationalized, scientific world—against what sociologist Max Weber called the ‘‘disenchantment’’ of Western society. Typifying this interpretation is historian Francis King’s assessment of the roots of the Golden Dawn: ‘‘Its foundation came at a time when many people were beginning to be dissatisfied with the pathetically over-confident materialism of the nineteenth-century science on one hand, and the fatuous pietism of fundamentalist religion on the other’’ (King 1970, 34).

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