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The books starts off with an 8 web page advent that has a short description of the Merkava prototypes notwithstanding the Merkava 1, 2 and three in addition to pointing out the Merkava four and expert autos equipped at the Merkava chassis.

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Gunner's air-conditior­ ing hose 3. Manual traversing handle 4. Gunner's main contral panel 5. Gunner's night elbow 6. Gunner's sight and rangefinder THE MERKAVA SIMAN 3 IN DETAIL .. The Loader's Position: 1. Loader's periscope 2. 60mm breech-loaded mortar 3. Main gun breech and safety cover 4. Coaxial machine gun cradle 5. Loader's control and safety buttons A. The Loader's Position: 6. Box containing 2,000 rounds of ammunition for coaxial machine gun 7. Five-round rotating carousel for 120mm rounds ;" Gunner protecting shield ....

The detachable lower . f the rear baskets are clearly visible in these photos. e most sophisticated war machines in the world. A The Commander's Position: 1. Commander's periscopes 2. Commander's sight channel 3. Commander's panoramic sight 4. Commander's contro. Handle/joystick. 5. Smoke grenade launcher contral box. 6. Commander's contral panel 7. Communication contral box 8. Housing for commander's hatch-opening mechanism ... T The Gunner's Position: 1. Gunner's control grips 2. Gunner's air-conditior­ ing hose 3.

The stowage boxes along the hull's side consoles store equipment and the tank's electn·cal batteries, which designers relocated from the turret and rear of the hull offormer Merkava variants. The small turret basket in the Merkava Mk 3 has a low profile and stores some tank and crew gear. The rear hull's stowage baskets fill the gap in stowage capacity. The antenna mounts arrangement is visible in the lower photo. 2 - MERKAVA SIMAN 3 .. The turret sides in the rear house many attachments. These include, from left, the laser warning sensor; two brackets for smoke cans and an add'· tional antenna port (left photo).

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