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History 1

By Abbe Barruel, Robbert Clifford (translator)

ISBN-10: 1150272481

ISBN-13: 9781150272486

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He was particularly ufeful at all the receptions, alfuming that air of ceremonious gravity fo be- coming Grand Matter of a Lodge; and fo well on the young adepts, that they had not the of the Occult Myfteries of the Roiicrucians, in the did he impofe leaft fufpicion much lefs of thole of Illuminifm. About the fame time we meet with the names of the „ two firft Illuminized Noblemen whom Weifhaupt had initiated into his laft mytteries-— the one Hanibal, the , ^ Ba- , B'ar J n BafTus. Bassus the other Diomedcs, the Marquis of Con- VIII.

Let. 5, to dja*. — HISTORICAL PART. " Fourthly, Becaufe of all « was the my only one who had boa) ders oflaft not been <* luith the whole bufmefs. " fecret library at ** ral important articles belonging " year he made acquainted Fifthly, Becaufe he has offered to contribute to " Jinguen. "* From this letter we may evidently infer, fir ft, that of all the young men who boarded with Weifhaupt during the firft year of his confpiracy not a tingle one efcaped his dark defigns: Secondly, that they were not only initiated in the myfteries, but even in the moft profound ftruction, I myfteries, that, for inftance, in which he reveals himfelf to be the founder of his Iliuminifm, which is pointed out in the Code as the laft fecret, and only to be imparted to Thirdly, that before he the moft confummate adepts.

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Memoirs, illustrating the history of Jacobinism (1799) V.IV by Abbe Barruel, Robbert Clifford (translator)

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