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By John Zukowski

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The 1.4 model of Java 2 usual variation offers many new programming functions whereas making lots of outdated projects more uncomplicated. yet with no trustworthy tips, you will find it difficult to use even a fragment of what the recent SDK has to provide. full of specified assurance of the recent expertise, step by step guideline, and advice from an acclaimed Java advisor and writer, studying Java 2, J2SE 1.4 is the source you need to preserve inside of effortless reach.Coverage Includes:Understanding the Java programming language construction varieties with the Swing part set developing more desirable snap shots with the Java 2nd API aiding complicated information buildings with the Collections API enhancing the rate of your Java purposes making the most of Swing's help of drag and drop figuring out OOP innovations, together with UML operating with Java's new statement functions utilizing Java's new I/O features: nonblocking learn and write operations, program personal tastes, and logging fixing tricky printing demanding situations operating with install recommendations, together with Java Plug-in and Java net commence operating with a number of threads and timer projects

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In the UML world, when you connect two or more boxes with a solid line that has an unfilled arrowhead at one end, you are indicating this generalization/inheritance relationship. 5 illustrates these relationships, including attributes and operations of all classes involved. 5, Person is the superclass. Both Customer and Student are subclasses. What does inheritance buy us here? Although name and id are attributes of Person, both Customer and Student possess these attributes through inheritance.

The abstract relationship means that anywhere in the system where a Person is expected, the payBill() method of the specific subclass will be called. For instance, suppose there's a receiveBirthdayMoney() method somewhere that receives parameters of a Person, who receives the money and the actual amount. You can call the payBill() method of that person and, although you don't know what type of person received birthday money, the appropriate payBill() method will be called. payBill(amount); } Association In the illustrations so far, the only relationships displayed have been the class hierarchy relationships for the Person class.

DrawString(msg, 20, 30); } Chapter 2: Getting Started with the Java 2 SDK 33 34 Chapter 2: Getting Started with the Java 2 SDK } The first thing you might notice is there is no main() method. Applets have life-cycle methods, instead. Life-cycle methods are the methods of an applet that you don't call; the browser calls them for you. And they are optional, so if nothing special needs to happen, you don't have to provide the method. 1. 1: Applet Life-Cycle Methods Method public void init() Description Initialization method.

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