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Marriage Family

By Mary Ann Lamanna

ISBN-10: 0495390925

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This bestselling marriage and relations textual content combines a rigorous scholarly and utilized technique with a distinct subject specifically suitable to cutting-edge dynamic international atmosphere: "Making offerings in a various society." The textual content achieves a superb stability among the sociological and ecological or kinfolk platforms theoretical views, whereas together with huge assurance of relatives dynamics and interpersonal relationships. The authors use heat, humor, and an enticing presentation to create a hugely readable textual content that gives insightful views at the range of our smooth society, together with diverse ethnic traditions and marriage and family members choices.

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Nonmarital pregnancy rates were higher in the 1950s than they Teaching Tip: Assign students to get into small groups, and discuss and list both advantages and disadvantages to each of the seven facts/statistics about children in families listed in the “Facts about Families: Focus on Children” on pages 15-16. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2006a, Table 4). 7. Children are more likely than the general population or the elderly to be living in poverty. 1 percent. 3 percent in 1983, but higher than in 1970 (DeNavas-Walt, Proctor, and Lee 2006).

In the words of one veterinary researcher, “Clearly, dogs are assuming more importance in people’s lives” (Gail Golab in Egan 2001, p. 24). Caroline Knapp’s Pack of Two (1999) points to changes in the family—more people living alone, delayed marriage, cohabitation, and the deferral of parenthood— that have opened a void that pets may fill. 5 percent). “Facts about Families: American Families Today” presents additional information about today’s families. The increasing family and household diversity that we see now has led some scholars to argue that “the new Clicker/Discussion Tip: Ask, how many students have pets?

There is considerable variation in children’s living arrangements. A 2001 study on the living arrangements of children in two-parent households found 88 percent of children living with their biological parents (3 percent unmarried), 6 percent with biological mother and stepfather, 1 percent with biological father and stepmother, 1 percent with adoptive mother and father, 1 percent with adoptive father and biological mother, and smaller numbers with an adoptive mother and biological father or an adoptive parent and a stepparent (Kreider and Fields 2005, Table 1).

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