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Occult Paranormal

By Nick Farrell

ISBN-10: 0738704075

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Character refinement is a precursor to severe non secular paintings. via ideas of pathworking (guided meditation), your mind's eye can shine a magic replicate in your character. This internal panorama finds your global as your subconscious sees it - a standpoint that allows you to make dramatic adjustments, even to the purpose of rooting out neuroses and getting better from mental trauma. develop into the ruler of your personal internal country with pathworking info that has been within the palms of the the Western secret colleges for hundreds of years. Nick Farrell unveils this mystery fabric together with his personal broad examine into mind's eye and brain magic.

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Passive Meditation Exercise I1 This uses a chant of a divine name to have some form of mystical experience. Relax as before. Take a deep breath and chant the divine name IAO," which is pronounced [Ee-ah-oh]. Breathe in and vibrate the name again. Repeat. In these exercises you will get an effect that is uniquely your own. In some ways passive mediators are like someone who takes LSD in that they have no control over what they experience. Like many mystics, they may see the throne of the divine and experience great elation, unfortunately never repeating the experience because there was no ordered meditative method of approaching such a state.

True, she had obtained romance, which was what she thought she wanted, but at the expense of a relationship, which she really did want. Active Meditation Exercise I1 Relax as normal and go to the doorway described at the end of the relaxation technique. Open it, and you will find yourself in sea of silvery mist. After a while the mist clears and you find yourself in a cave. In the center of the cave is a white stone, which fills the cave with light. As you watch a stem of a plant grows out of the white stone, it buds and becomes a rose.

He has winged feet. Or, a man sitting in a chair or riding on a peacock. He has eagle's feet and a crest on his head. In his lefi hand he holds a rooster or fire. A horned woman riding a bull, a dragon with seven heads, or a crab. She has in her right hand a dart, and in her left a mirror. She is clothed in white or green and has on her head two snakes with horns joined together. A word of caution here. Just because the magical image gives you an answer does not mean that it is right or that you heard it correctly.

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