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As the saying goes – they can have the money but not the love. Time, therefore, is the important factor. Whole-hearted involvement is another. 10. Frugal This refers to monks who are light in their living. Light refers to having few possessions, so that one may move about easily and freely with few worries and attachments. Wherever one may be or go, one is flexible and versatile enough to fit into practice. 11. Serene in faculties The faculties are those of the senses – eye, ear, nose, tongue, body and mind.

Then, as we arouse the metta – and together with the first aspiration – we let it flow on and on as if the mind is travelling far into space. To quote an example: once I was doing metta and my mind flew as if into space, travelling at a great speed – as if through the spatial universe – and it was metta all the way... and the bliss of it! When metta is decreasing, we continue with the next aspiration to arouse and continue its flow. After the four aspirations, we can do it in the western direction.

Friends And Companions Duties Of Friends I. II. III. IV. V. buying gifts having kind words looking after one’s welfare treating one as they would treat themselves keeping their word Duties Of Companions I. II. looking after one when one is inattentive looking after one’s property when one is inattentive III. being a refuge to one when one is afraid 57 IV. not deserting one when one is in trouble V. showing concern for one’s children The metta relationship here involves sincere care and protection for each other, with mutual self-respect obviously playing a part.

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