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Occult Paranormal

By Aleister Crowley

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Поздние размышления о 16-ти фундаментальных концепциях человеческого бытия, составляющие ясное представление основы философии Кроули. Эти эссе интересны сами по себе, вне оккультного контекста, как глубокая и практичная система взглядов.

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For the thought ' T h e r e is no such thing as knowledge/' "Knowledge is a false idea," or however it may be phrased, can be expressed as S = P: it is itself a thing known. In other words, the attempt to analyse the idea leads immediately to a muddle in the mind. But this is of the essence of the Occult Wisdom concerning Daath. For Daath is the crown of the Ruach, the Intellect; and its place is in the Abyss. That is, it breaks into pieces immediately it is examined. There is no coherence below the Abyss, or in it; to obtain this, which is one of the chief canons of Truth, we must reach Neschamah.

But none of this shakes, or even threatens, the Philosophy of Thelema. On the contrary, it may be called the Rock of its foundation. For the issue of all is evidently that all conceptions are necessarily unique because there can never be two identical points-of-view; and this corresponds with the facts; for there are pointsof-view close kin, and thus there may be a superficial general agreement, as there is, which is found to be false on analysis, as has been shewn. From the above it will be understood how it comes that there are no Trances of Knowledge; and this bids us enquire into the tradition of the Grimoires that all knowledge is miraculously attainable.

Shortsighted selfishness, good sooth, to take for granted that one's Self is sure to find its proper medium to hand for its next adventure. Here the Magical Memory is of virtue marvellous to correct perspective; for, how often in the past has one's life been all but sheer failure from the mere lack of proper means of selfexpression? And who among us can be seriously satisfied (to-day, knowing what we do) with even the most perfect human instrument? It is then no more than simple good sense for the Magus to formulate his general political aim in some such terms as these: Tb secure the greatest possible freedom of self-expression for the greatest possible number of Points-of-View.

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