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LEDs can be encapsulated in epoxy compounds, making them impervious to corrosion and water ingression. Buses and trolley cars are also rapidly adopting LEDs and gaining their benefits in rear lighting, direction signals and information signs. LEDs also offer the added transportation benefits of solidstate lighting’s vibration resistance and easy reading for the passengers. 2 seconds) shorter rise time than filament bulbs, they provide additional reaction time and safety margins. This gain in reaction time, although small, is enough to be helpful to avoid accidents.

However, the global trend toward smaller and lower-priced vehicles will not benefit the LED lighting market in the near term. The automotive market in China, where LED lighting is still in a state of infancy, is driven by domestic demand; it is European and Japanese automobile manufacturers that will spur growth in the market for automotive LED lighting for the foreseeable future. Even so, Chinese car companies are not going to lag behind for long. The general lighting market in China has already adopted LEDs on a large scale when the Beijing Olympics becoming a world stage for the country to exhibit its innovations in lighting and design for building illumination.

Unlike incandescent lights, which require frequent replacement of the bulb, LEDs can last throughout—and even exceed—the lifetime of an automobile. Halogen bulbs, like the regular incandescent lamp contain a filament, therefore, they are susceptible to failure when subjected to shock and vibration. The rugged solid-state construction of the LED is less prone to vibration issues, and there is little deterioration of light output with age. Halogen Incandescent Halogen lightbulbs, also known as tungsten-halogen lights, are more efficient than non-halogen Halogen lamps are commonly used for headlights, fog lights and other forward-illumination functions; some vehicles also use halogen bulbs for the exterior signalling and marking functions.

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