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By Jean Van Hamme, Philippe Aymond

ISBN-10: 280014176X

ISBN-13: 9782800141763

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Picard elements may be found in the scripta, or literary language, of northern France in an area bounded by Ile-de-France on the south, Normandy on the west, Flanders on the north, and Champagne on the east. Picard characteristics began to appear along with Francian in the literary language of northern France at the beginning of the thirteenth century, but never completely effaced the Francian established early in the twelfth century, and by the end of the fourteenth century, Francian had regained supremacy in the scripta.

This equalization of nasals has resulted in some orthographic variation: a) an for etymological en: tans (TEMPUS) 11: 42, serjans (SERVIENTE) 26: 28, sanle (on SIMULARE) 1: 4, tranloient (on TREMULARE) 35: 31, langage (on LINGUA) 75: 36; b) en for etymological an: mengier (MANDUCARE) 13: 24, Engletere 18: 36, Normendie 21: 37, Coustentinoble 31: 43. 40. Three infinitives of the Picard third conjugation have endings in -ir due to an attraction to the second congugation: veïr (VIDERE) 19: 40, caïr (CADERE) 20: 20 seïr (SEDERE) 65: 31.

The few discrepancies that do occur are usually in proper nouns or titles. Nine of the seventeen examples occur in one sentence. Instead of a breakdown in the declensional system, this seems to indicate that here, at least, the author did not notice the discrepancies arrising through the process of condensation. Soudant 36: 35, Helyas 5: 31, Hely 5: 22, Robert 48: 42, 59: 23, Richart 66: 4, 84: 15, Lucabel 88: 15, Wistasse 106: 11, le roy Godefroy 106: 11, Raimon 106: 12, Euvrart 106: 12, Gerart 106: 13, Raimbaut Creston 106: 13, Richart de Caumont 106: 14, Bauduin 106: 14.

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