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By Hans Bergsten

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This convenient little publication is the ideal significant other to O'Reilly's popularJavaServer Pages and Java Servlet Programming, and meets the necessity for a fast connection with an incredibly renowned yet complex know-how. The JavaServer Pages Pocket Reference offers Java builders a short evaluate of the basics of JSP and the servlets expertise on which it's established. It additionally offers succinct details on JSP program improvement for web content designers. The reference sections on scripting components, errors dealing with, consumer consultation administration, and safeguard are formatted so that you can speedy and simply locate what you wish.

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Typically, the JspFactory class creates and initializes the instance. 9600 Page 33 Friday, September 7, 2001 2:51 PM Methods public abstract Object findAttribute(String name) Searches for the named attribute in the page, request, session (if valid), and application scope(s) in order and returns the associated value. If the attribute is not found, returns null. IOException Forwards the current request to another active component in the application, such as a servlet or JSP page. If the specified URI starts with a slash, it’s interpreted as a context-relative path; otherwise, it’s interpreted as a page-relative path.

If there is no current session and create is true, a new HttpSession object is created, associated with the request, and returned. If create is false and the request is not associated with a session, this method returns null. Principal getUserPrincipal() Returns a Principal object containing the name of the current authenticated user. public boolean isRequestedSessionIdFromCookie() Checks if the requested session ID came in as a cookie. public boolean isRequestedSessionIdFromURL() Checks if the requested session ID came in as part of the request URL.

Most containers use the reference implementation of the class (developed in the Apache Jakarta project). Description TagSupport is a support class that provides default implementations for all Tag interface methods. 9600 Page 54 Friday, September 7, 2001 2:51 PM superclass for tag handlers that do not need access to the body contents of the corresponding custom action elements. Constructor public TagSupport() Creates a new instance with the specified name and value. Methods public int doEndTag() throws JspException Returns EVAL_PAGE.

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