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By Ronald Mak

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* Non-theoretical reasons of useful numerical algorithms * Algorithms in motion with lively, interactive graphical Java courses and applets * Computational mistakes and the way to take away them out of your codeUnderstand "computer math" and get the numbers you are expecting, reliably.In Java quantity Cruncher, writer Ronald Mak explains the way to spot-and the right way to avoid-the sophisticated programming miscues which could reason vexing calculation error on your purposes. an expert on mapping natural math to desktop math, he explains easy methods to use the often-overlooked computational beneficial properties of Java, and does so in a transparent, non-theoretical style.Without getting misplaced in mathematical element, you are going to study functional numerical algorithms for accurately summing numbers, discovering roots of equations, interpolation and approximation, numerical integration, fixing differential equations, matrix operations, and fixing units of simultaneous equations. you are going to additionally take pleasure in fascinating issues reminiscent of looking for styles in leading numbers, producing random numbers, computing hundreds of thousands of digits of pi, and growing intricately appealing fractal images.Java quantity Cruncher contains: * useful info all Java programmers should still be aware of * well known computational algorithms in Java-without over the top mathematical idea * Interactive graphical courses that deliver the algorithms to lifestyles at the video display * Rounding mistakes, the pitfalls of integer mathematics, Java's implementation of the IEEE 754 floating-point general, and moreThis publication turns out to be useful to all Java programmers, in particular in case you are looking to find out about numerical computation, and for builders of clinical, monetary, and knowledge research purposes.

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30 Part I: Why Good Computations Go Bad Part I: Why Good Computations Go Bad 31 Adding two large positive values of an integer type can give a negative sum. Multiplying large positive values means going around the clock face several times. The product can be either positive or negative. Overflows can be silent killers of integer arithmetic! Program 2¡§C1 shows the effects of overflow and of division by zero with int values. See Listing 2-1. Listing 2-1 The effects of integer overflow and division by zero.

Listing 2-1 The effects of integer overflow and division by zero. program2_1; /** * PROGRAM 2-1: Integer Overflow * * Show the effects of integer overflow and of division by zero. java:24) Exception in thread "main" Top Java™ Number Cruncher: The Java Programmer's Guide to Numerical Computing By Ronald Mak Table of Contents Chapter 2. How Wholesome Are the Integers? 4 Wrapper Classes Java's integer types are called primitive types because their values are not objects. A primitive value does not have fields that maintain its state, nor does it have methods that manipulate the value.

ValidateFloatBiasedExponent(biasedExponent); // Consolidate the parts. int intBits = sign; First the sign ... // ... then the biased exponent value ... intBits <<= FLOAT_EXPONENT_SIZE; intBits += biasedExponent; // ... and finally the fraction value. toInt(); // Convert to the float value. intBitsToFloat(intBits); isDouble = false; // Convert the value to a character array of '0' and '1'. char bits[] = toCharBitArray(intBits, 32); decompose(bits, FLOAT_EXPONENT_BIAS, FLOAT_SIGN_INDEX, FLOAT_EXPONENT_INDEX, FLOAT_FRACTION_INDEX, FLOAT_EXPONENT_RESERVED, FLOAT_SIGN_SIZE, FLOAT_EXPONENT_SIZE, FLOAT_FRACTION_SIZE); } /** * Constructor.

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