New PDF release: JavaMail API: Sending and Receiving Email with Java


By Elliotte Rusty Harold

Ship and obtain e-mail from Java functions through the use of the JavaMail API. With this concise ebook, you’ll the way to converse with current SMTP, POP, and IMAP servers, and the way to put in writing your own.

Whether you want to construct an email-centric program like a mailing record supervisor or just upload e mail notification to a bigger product, JavaMail is the reply. choked with code examples, this booklet exhibits you the way JavaMail allows you to stay away from low-level protocol information, so that you can concentrate on what you certainly are looking to say in a message.

* ship, obtain, and shop electronic mail with POP3 and IMAP
* upload password authentication in your programs
* deal with mailboxes and accounts
* obtain mail attachments
* reply to asynchronous e mail events
* layout protocol-independent e-mail courses

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2 Der Kern des Rechners: von Neumann-Architektur 19 Wenn ein Wort aus den Bytes mit den Adressen n, n + 1, n + 2, n + 3 besteht, dann ist n die Adresse des Worts. Wir sprechen auch von einer Speicherstelle (location) f¨ur das Wort, die durch die (Anfangs-)Adresse identifiziert ist. In einem Speichermodul sind diejenigen Adressen n mit n ≡ 0 (modulo 4) die nat¨urlichen Grenzen, auf denen 4-byte lange Worte beginnen. An solchen Stellen beginnende Worte sind an den Wortgrenzen (word boundary) ausgerichtet (aligned).

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