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By Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai

ISBN-10: 1411668243

ISBN-13: 9781411668249

Four hundred+ Java/J2EE Interview questions with transparent and concise solutions for: task seekers (junior/senior builders, architects, team/technical leads), promoting seekers, pro-active freshmen and interviewers. Lulu most sensible a hundred top vendor. raise your incomes strength through studying, utilising and succeeding. study the basics in relation to Java/J2EE in a simple to appreciate questions and solutions strategy. Covers four hundred+ renowned interview Q&A with plenty of diagrams, examples, code snippets, pass referencing and comparisons. this isn't merely an interview consultant but in addition a short reference consultant, a refresher fabric and a roadmap masking quite a lot of Java/J2EE similar subject matters. extra Java J2EE interview questions and solutions & resume assets at

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By attaching responsibilities to objects at runtime, you can apply changes to each individual object you want to change. File file = new File(“c:/temp”); FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(file); BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(fis); Decorators decorate an object by enhancing or restricting functionality of an object it decorates. The decorators add or restrict functionality to decorated objects either before or after forwarding the request. At runtime the BufferedInputStream (bis), which is a decorator (aka a wrapper around decorated object), forwards the method call to its decorated object FileInputStream (fis).

Cannot mutate the existing key because immutable key object class has no setter methods). Refer Q20 in Java section under “Q. ” ƒ Encapsulate collections: CO In general collections are not immutable objects. So care should be taken not to unintentionally expose the collection fields to the caller. Avoid where possible The following code snippet exposes the Set “setCars” directly to the caller. This approach is riskier because the variable “cars” can be modified unintentionally. Better approach This approach prevents the caller from directly using the underlying variable “cars”.

Serialization class Car implements Serializable { String color = null; transient File fh = null; } o te t wri serialize byte stream Car Object1 File deserialize dese rializ e Class Car implements Serializable { String color = null; } Car Object 2 Serialization can adversely affect performance since it: ƒ ƒ ƒ Depends on reflection. Has an incredibly verbose data format. Is very easy to send surplus data. Q. When to use serialization? Do not use serialization if you do not have to. A common use of serialization is to use it to send an object over the network or if the state of an object needs to be persisted to a flat file or a database.

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