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By David Czarnecki, Andy Deitsch

ISBN-10: 0596000197

ISBN-13: 9780596000196

On the web, there are virtually no boundaries opposed to overseas trade. with the exception of language. regrettably, so much software program continues to be written in English. Java Internationalization indicates tips on how to write software program that's really multi-lingual, utilizing Unicode, a customary approach that helps countless numbers of personality units for many glossy languages and lots of historic ones. English-only software program is already out of date. Java Internationalization brings Java builders as much as velocity at the new new release of software program improvement: writing software program that's now not restricted by means of language boundaries.This e-book explores Java Unicode and offers concrete examples for utilizing its positive aspects to create multilingual person interfaces; to properly layout foreign money, dates and instances; and to make sure font help for various languages.

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Table 2-25. Punctuation in Different Languages. 10 Quotes Period/Full Stop Question Mark “English” « French » „German“ ”Swedish” »Slovenian« English. English? ¿Spanish? Greek; 10 cibarA Hindi Read from right to left. CHAPTER 2: WRITING SYSTEMS 47 Summary This chapter described several different writing systems. Each of these writing systems has features that create challenges for software developers who are building internationalized applications. We summarize these attributes here: Script Type Alphabetic The individual units for writing are composed of consonants, and in some cases, vowels.

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