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Java Closures and Lambda introduces you to major new adjustments to the Java language popping out of what's termed venture Lambda. those new adjustments make their debut in Java eight, and their spotlight is the long-awaited aid for lambda expressions within the Java language. You'll learn how to write lambda expressions and use them to create practical interfaces and default tools for evolving APIs, between many different makes use of. The alterations in Java eight are major. Syntax and utilization of the language are replaced significantly with the advent of closures and lambda expressions. This publication takes you thru those very important adjustments from advent to mastery. via a suite of transparent examples, you'll learn how to refactor latest code to use the hot language beneficial properties. You'll study what these positive factors can do for you, and once they are top utilized. You'll discover ways to layout and write new code having those very important new beneficial properties in brain from the very starting. essentially explains the wonderful merits caused by venture Lambda Explains the syntax and IDE aid for the hot positive factors exhibits tips on how to streamline your code by means of bringing many of the advantages of useful programming to the Java language Illustrates parallelism in closures via movement and Spliterator gadgets Explains API evolution through including easy methods to latest interfaces with out breaking present interface implementations, a strategy addressing strength a number of inheritance matters What you'll study Encapsulate key bits of good judgment into nameless features with no the necessity for nameless periods outline closures for use as turbines of comparability capabilities outline map, clear out, and decrease capabilities which are invaluable in operating with lists and different collections catch and deal with exceptions related to lambdas and closures, together with the passing of exception-type parameters count on and supply for concurrency in order that your code effectively scales throughout a number of CPU

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38 Chapter 3 ■ Lambda’s Domain: Collections, Maps, and Streams There are a few key things to notice in Listing 3-4. Note that using the functional interfaces allows us to ensure we are using the same code for both the books list and the featured books set: any change to the predicate would be reliably applied in both cases. Also notice that the removeIf call entirely removes the iteration code in both places, leaving us with much cleaner and descriptive code. Since the featured books set is a strict subset of the books list, we can use the return value of the first call as an optimization to short-circuit our removal: if we found no books matching the genre, then there is no reason to check the featured books list.

AndThen(Integer::parseInt); } In that example, the compiler ensures us that converter is set before we leave the if/else chain. No matter how many cases we have, and no matter how complex the code may get in each case, we know that each and every case will set a converter. The type system is a powerful tool in the hands of a functional programmer because it allows you to enforce the constraints of the system and reason about how they are applied. Use the type system to the best advantage that you can, and avoid circumventing it.

If you do not have any order-of-execution requirements, however, it is always better to ask for a stream using parallelStream(). That method gives permission to the generated stream to process the elements in any order, including processing them concurrently. It is worth noting that you may still get a sequential stream from parallelStream() if the Collection can’t support parallelism: calling parallelStream is not demanding a stream that is parallelizable, but is giving permission for the returned stream to be parallelizable.

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