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By Todd Greanier

ISBN-10: 0782142273

ISBN-13: 9780782142273

Java is the fastest-growing programming language, and is the reason why Sun's programmer and developer certifications are of the most well liked within the undefined. As well known as Java is, it may be a frightening subject for a newbie.

Java Certification JumpStart demystifies the topic and offers aspiring Java programmers the cast origin they should pursue extra complex Java education. Written via an skilled teacher, this publication is a perfect first-step for Java certification applicants, or these contemplating a occupation in Java programming who've very little event with the know-how. And it is a ideal precursor to Sybex's best-selling whole Java 2 Certification learn consultant, 3ed (ISBN: 0782140777).

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41 42 Now consider your lamp for a moment. It probably shares most of the same characteristics as the generic lamp, but you can go into much more detail. For example, my lamp has a brown, ceramic base, a tan shade, a three-way light bulb, and the switch is on the base itself. Those specific details are the state of my lamp and it is probably different from the state of your lamp. They are different instances of the same abstract type. In the Java language, the abstract type of the lamp would be a class definition.

When methodTwo() completes, control returns to methodOne(), and a final print out is given. The value printed out is 50, not 100. This is because primitive types are passed by value, so the change made inside methodTwo() is only seen during the scope of methodTwo(). The original instance variable never has its value changed in this code. So the output would be as follows: methodOne: x == 50 methodTwo: y == 50 methodTwo: y == 100 methodOne: x == 50 Passing by Reference The other way parameters and return types can be passed is by following the pass by reference rule.

NOTE These directions are specific to Microsoft Windows XP. The installation procedure is effectively identical on all the supported versions of Windows, but there might be small differences in the appearance of some of the screens. 1. After the executable extracts the required contents to a temporary directory and the InstallShield wizard welcome screen appears, click the button labeled Next. < previous page < previous page Page 140 page_14 page_140 next page > next page > Notice in this code that since there is no way of knowing what the length of the array actually is until runtime, the for loop handles the iteration for you.

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