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7111m wrapons, follnrverl by ini its in China. then Xfanchtrria and lower priority units in all arcar. *ing from 5lanchnria still harl h 5 m m weapons. It was not \lncomrnon for unit5 dcploycd to a givcs~area to he arrnetl with d~ffcrcnt caliber weapons, cawing ammunition fupply prohlernr. o provided with a Full range d mlorrd ? i ~ n a l ~ m o k eand flares. Bezides riflcd high explosive (HE) and whitc phosplinrus mortar rounds, tl~cType 80 could fire Iiat~dgrenades with a propellant charge fitted.

The three, 54-man rifle platoons had a two-man H Q witti a platoon cornmantler and a liaison sergeant. Rnughly equating to a US platoon srrprant, the latter's mail1 duty rrras to cnsure orders wcre relayed to the sections through arm signals and mcsscngcn. ~ c hcnngi~tcdof eight iflemen and a four-man rnachrne-fl~ncrew: the latlcr r+onsistcdof a crcw [cadcr, machine hwnner. and ~econdand third gunners (ammunition bearerr). All four of the crew were armed with p i ~ t o l ahut in practice often carricd rifles.

I hi< rcsultcd in a uni? of cornm;~nd only a t thc very highest levcl-the Emperor, as Supreme Comlnanrler of botI1 the Army and Nary. stern allorvcd the Chiefs of the Army and Na\? Generat Stafh dircct accecs tt) the Fmpcror (iirkrr rro jmo), a privilcgc granted only later to the War and Navy mini5tcrq. What this meant was that the :+myatld Navy were allowed indtlpendcnce of command i t n ~ ~ l i k i I>I~~ ;Jrlr~k~~ril\rrl from civilian control, namely the LVar and K a y ministers. A werc under thc direct control nf the IGHQ.

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