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By Susunaga Weeraperuma

ISBN-10: 8120814444

ISBN-13: 9788120814448

Reprint of a vintage examine on Krishnamurti, lengthy debts of author's many conferences and interviews with the spiritual leaders. hugely readable.

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Not necessarily. That’s a big subject. We won’t go into that now, if you don’t mind,” he said. K stressed the importance of having a good sitting and standing posture. He confirmed the traditional view that having the head and spine in an upright position is conducive to the good health of the brain. K told us that one of the many meanings of the word ‘yoga’ is ‘skill in action’. In the realm of hatha yoga, ‘skill in action’ means perfectly carrying out that combination of exercises which are most suitable to the particular needs of a person.

The mental picture or image I have of that person will influence my attitude towards him. Probably I would dislike him and also become very cautious in my future dealings with him. Thus the image will shield me from becoming again the victim of his dishonesty. Although images discolour the mind and cause bitter feelings, they are a protective warning in a world that is replete with crooked deceitful people. Now K formed neither favourable nor unfavourable images of the persons who associated with him.

In a letter of thanks he stated that he had revised his opinion of K after reading this book. He wrote: “Jesus, I am sure, was also a radical religious preacher, like Krishnamurti, but what we get now is a watered-down teaching from the church. Both Jesus and Krishnamurti seem to have the same facial features. ” Whenever K mounted a platform to speak, there was a certain subtle change in his personality. His self-effacing shyness fell into abeyance; he had the manner of an aloof speaker who did not mind saying things that were hurtful to the feelings of his listeners; he was indifferent to the fact that his denunciation of gurus and their systems of meditation was offending the religious susceptibilities of devout followers; he talked like a man who was possessed by a superior power of understanding which was lacking in others; his face looked grave while he spoke, which was usually in a slow and dignified way; the serious expression embodied in his face harmonised with the wise sayings that poured from his lips — sayings that were punctuated by short pauses, presumably because he wanted their inner meaning to sink deeply into the minds of his listeners; and seldom did he smile or laugh when delivering an address.

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