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IDA’s impact would also have likely been enhanced if it had used its resources more selectively, not only among countries based on Overview demonstrated commitment to poverty reduction, but also in its choice of program approaches and instruments, based on more adequate diagnoses of country circumstances and its own comparative advantage in specific country contexts. Finally, IDA’s effectiveness would likely have been further enhanced if it had found ways to improve capacity building in borrower countries in partnership with others, developed the necessary indicators and monitoring processes for a sharper focus on results, and, together with partners, moved considerably further in coordinating efforts at the country level to support country-led programs.

More important, IDA’s replenishment process has been disconnected from its development partners, both borrowers and other assistance agencies, to the detriment of setting priorities and applying its comparative advantage. Three changes could improve the process and, thus, the impact of future undertakings. • Develop a long-term vision focused on results. As part of the IDA13 negotiations, management should be asked to develop, in consultation with borrowers, a long-term vision for IDA, clarifying what is meant by IDA’s poverty focus, identifying ways to deploy IDA’s resources, and taking advantage of IDA’s global role as a complement to its country focus.

While it is too early to judge the efficacy and efficiency of many of the recent initiatives, their relevance to IDA’s evolving role is clear. In addition, in preparing for this year’s budget exercise, management has proposed further initiatives, includxxxiv ing several that are highly consistent with the major findings and recommendations of this review. They are: (a) the establishment of a management committee whose principal role is to align corporate strategies, ensure institutional selectivity, and manage tensions between corporate priorities and country programs; (b) the continued sharpening of the framework for corporate priority setting, and definition of criteria for selecting those priorities; (c) the implementation of more accurate tracking and management of nonlending services; (d) the introduction of budget process reforms, as noted above, involving the full funding of CASs within a rolling three-year planning and budgeting horizon for FY02 and beyond; and (e) the further promotion of decentralization and rebalancing of the management matrix, including additional clarification of accountabilities.

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