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By Andre Norton

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They fought their way out and through the crowded streets until they won to a strong watchtower which stood in the very heart of Tormont. There they did set upon the few guardsmen at its portal and put them to the sword, thus gaining the protection of strong walls. Outside this tower, Macaire gathered all the might of Tormont, thinking that in time hunger and thirst would drive its defenders into his hands. Huon saw that this might come, for there was no escape from this hold save through the forces drawn up against them.

This road did Huon choose and had turned his 47 r charger into it when out of a misshapen hut piled loosely from the desert rocks there sprang one in the rags of a hermit to bar their way. About his loins was the torn skin of a lion and his gray hair hung in wild ragged locks upon his bone-thin shoulders. A long beard covered him to his girdle, but his eyes were still afire with reason and strength, and he bore himself as one who had once had authority in the world beyond this starved land. "Pray you, fair sir," he cried unto Huon, "by your dress and the cross you bear upon your shield you are a Christian knight.

For to him Huon was now as dead as if his body lay in the tomb of the Dukes. In the past he had known envy of his brother and had dreamed secret dreams of being great when Huon was naught. Now he lived those dreams in truth. After some time he took to wife a daughter of Gyblerde of Cecyll who was distantly of the blood of that Amaury who had brought such misfortune to the House of Duke Sevin. She was a lady of wondrous dark beauty, both witty and sharp of tongue, and deeply learned in certain black arts which made her feared by the commoners throughout the countryside.

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