How to Judge a Horoscope (Vol 2) by Bangalore Venkata Raman PDF

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By Bangalore Venkata Raman

ISBN-10: 8120808487

ISBN-13: 9788120808485

Find out how to pass judgement on a Horoscope is a departure from the normal approach to remedy of astrology. it's a learn within the use of Horoscope in each man`s way of life. The paintings in volumes is split in twelve homes, containing six each one in consecutive order. The twelve homes have connection with the fabric relation of soul (jeeva) in its trip from the cradle to the grave. The learn of illustrations (charts) makes each element even the passed over rudimentary rules and ideas very transparent and graspable. Vol II offers with residence VII to XII. The 7th apartment represents spouse, husband, marriage, sexual ailments, enterprise accomplice, international relations, expertise and normal happiness. The 8 apartment exhibits toughness, legacies, shame, degradation and info touching on loss of life. The 9th ideas father, righteousness, faith, status management, trips and communications with spirits. The 10th shows occupations, occupation, honours, overseas travels and technique of livelihood. The 11th represents technique of profits, elder brother and freedom from distress. The 12th principles losses, expenditure, sympathy, divine wisdom, moksha and the kingdom after dying.

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M. T) at 13° N, 77 E35. Balance of the Moon Dasa at birth : 6 years. The Seventh House : The seventh house is Virgo in Chart No. 6. It is a dual sign, occupied by benefic 5th lord the Moon and aspected by 2nd and 9th lord Mars from the 12th house 32 How to Judge a Horoscope and by 6th lord the Sun. The 7th house is blemished except for the Moon's presence. The Seventh Lord': Mercury, the 7th lord, is with Mars in the 12th house aspected by Lagna lord Jupiter and 10th and 11th lord Saturn. Kalatrakaraka : Venus is in the 11th house in a friendly sign.

Jupiter and Venus have exchanged signs (parivartana), mutually benefiting each other. Considered from the Moon : The Moon being in Leo, the 7th house is Aquarius. Seventh lord Saturn is exalted in the 3rd with Yogakaraka Mars. The 7th house from the Moon is free from aspects, malefic or benefic. 38 How to Judge a Horoscope Balance of Sun Dasa at birth: 5 years, 10 months and 9 Chart No. m. T) at 10 N 23, 78 E 55. days. Conclusion : The strength of the 7th lord and Kalatra-karaka, Jupiter and Venus respectively, and the blemish-free 7th lords and 7th houses both from Lagna and the Moon have given a happy marriage.

The Seventh Lord: Mercury, the 7th lord, is in the 11th house with 9th lord the Sun and Rahu. The Lagna and 7th lords are in dwirdwadasa (2/12 positions). Kalatrakaraka ; Venus, the natural significator, is in the Lagna in a kendra aspected by 5th and 12th lord Mars. Considered from the Moon : The 7th house is Leo aspected by Moon-sign lord Saturn, while the 7th lord Sun is debilitated with Mercury and Rahu in the 9th. The Sun gets cancellation of debilitation since his exaltation-sign lord Mars is in a quadrant from Lagna.

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