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By Mark Stein

ISBN-10: 0061431397

ISBN-13: 9780061431395

Mark Stein is a playwright and screenwriter. His performs were played off-Broadway and at theaters during the nation. His movies comprise Housesitter, with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn. He has taught at American collage and Catholic college.

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Muhammad's view of both Judaism and Christianity was, at least at the beginning, primarily sympathetic. Jews and Christians were "people of the book" and so were allowed religious autonomy; however, they had to pay a per capita tax, and that, in fact, led many of them to convert to Islam in the century after the Prophet's death. Their status was very different from that of pagans, who were forced to choose between converĀ­ sion and death. From the beginning, Islam was a fierce, warrior faith; its outward manifestation was jihad, or holy war.

Then consider the five words bat, bet, bit, both, and but. They mean completely different things. There is no semantic connection between any two of them. In writing, the difference is expressed by the five vowels, a, e, i, o, and u. In writing, the difference is unambiguous. ) Written Chinese employs thousands of different signs to transcribe its thousands of different sounds, each having a different meaning. English has as many different sounds as Chinese, and probably more words and meanings, but only twenty_-six signs are needed to write all the words in the language.

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