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By Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

ISBN-10: 9744538333

ISBN-13: 9789744538338

This booklet provides a whole define of Buddha-Dhamma in effortless to appreciate language. Chapters comprise: taking a look at Buddhism, the real nature of items, 3 features, greedy and clinging, threefold education, insights by way of the character procedure, equipped education, and emancipation from the area.

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This is what is meant by thoughtless attachment to traditional practices. Insight meditation or tranquillity meditation as practiced nowadays, if carried out without any knowledge of rhyme and reason and the real objectives of it, is bound to be motivated by grasping and clinging, misdirected, and just some kind of foolishness. And even the taking of the Precepts, five, eight, or ten, or however many, if done in the belief that one will thereby become a magical, supernatural, holy individual possessing psychic or other powers, becomes just misdirected routine, motivated simply by attachment to rite and ritual.

There is always that something, the “self” present in the mind, and consequently this attachment is bound to manifest. The only thing to do is to rein it in as much as possible until such time as one is well advanced in spiritual knowledge; in other words, to employ Buddhist principles until this instinct has been overcome and completely eliminated. As long as one is still an ordinary person, a worldling, this instinct remains unconquered. Only the highest of the Ariyans, the Arahant, has succeeded in defeating it.

Getting and being represent a form of desire, namely the desire not to let the thing that one is in the process of getting or being disappear or slip away. Suffering arises from desire to have and desire to be, in short, from desire; and desire arises from failure to realize that all things are inherently undesirable. The false idea that things are desirable is present as an instinct right from babyhood and is the cause of desire. Consequent on the desire there come about results of one 36 sort or another, which may or may not accord with the desire.

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