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History 1

By Lou Drendel

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14 Included among these are the assumption of universals, the dualistic modeling of gender differentiation, and the valuation of one gender over another. 30 DISCOVERING EVE Universals One should be wary of any system of explanation that deals in universals. As we have already noted, radical and Marxist feminists tend to characterize patriarchy without the variation that might exist in other cultures. Both the political and economic approaches have generalized about patriarchy because of the way they interpret the evidence from ethnography and comparative sociology.

True, with great consistency certain behaviors or identities are cross-culturally associated exclusively with one sex or the other. But unless the behaviors or identities are thus associated only because of biological identity, then they theoretically can be—and in occasional instances are—associated with the sex other than the one in which they are most often present. "54 Obviously one can expect a high degree of congruency between gender and sex, particularly in traditional societies. Yet much of the behavior that some would loosely label sex roles could be exhibited by either sex.

He failed to discover a pattern of universal dominance, which agrees with what most comparative ethnographers have already noted. That is, there exist wide variations among groups in nearly every aspect of the relative position of women to men. Although he found no society in which women totally dominated men, he warned that the absence of evidence of female dominance did not automatically mean absolute domination of women by men. Many scholars assume that discrete aspects of the status of women vary in relationship to each other.

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