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By Jane Fishburne Collier, Sylvia Junko Yanagisako

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Rei­ ter (1975) also attributes the emergence of the two spheres to the rise of states and the concomitant displacement of former kinship functions. Under industrial capitalism the distinction is sharp­ ened, for the integrity of the nuclear family, like the segregation of home and workplace, is central to its ideology. In a later essay, Rei- Feminism, Kinship Theory, and Structural "Domains" 57 ter notes again that the distinction is primarily ideological. More­ over, "ideologies are powerful cultural statements which simulta­ neously mask and reveal contradictions that grow out of necessary productive social relations .

Ideally, all households were domiciled in villages and dispersed to their fields for the agricultural cycle. The regulation of annual movement was a chiefly prerogative which, albeit in the productive disinterest of the population, was closely protected by ruling cadres wherever possible. A century earlier, women had Feminism, Kinship Theory, and Structural "Domains" 69 been assigned to cultivation, gathering, and domestic work; young men and serfs had hunted and herded cattle, the prime medium of symbolic and material exchange, under the direction of free adult men.

We thus agree with feminists who posit 44 Sylvia Junko Yanagisako and Jane Fishburne Collier the existence of "egalitarian societies" that we need models capable of distinguishing among qualitatively different forms of social hier­ archy. ). Given our assumption that no bi­ ological or material "fact" has social consequences in and of itself, we cannot begin by assuming the determining character of either the forces or relations of production. We therefore do not classify societies according to technologies-such as foraging, horticul­ ture, agriculture, pastoralism, and industry (for example, Martin and Voorhies 1975)-or according to social relations governing ac­ cess to resources-such as egalitarian, ranked, and stratified (Etienne and Leacock 1980) or communal, corporate kin, and class (Sacks 1979).

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